Who Qualifies for Health Home Services?

Individuals who:

  • Have Medicaid
    Have either two chronic conditions OR
  • a single qualifying condition
    i.e. HIV/AIDS or Serious Mental Illness AND
    The Patient Meets Appropriateness Criteria

What is the appropriateness criteria?

  • Patients who are likely to be hospitalized or in medical crisis or have an adverse event like:
    • death, disability, inpatient or nursing home admission, mandated preventive services, or out of home placement
  • Need more social support and/or may not have enough family support to manage their disease(s) and reach their goals
  • Are not currently set up the services they need such as a regular doctor, housing provider, legal assistance, food stamps etc
  • Are having problems remembering to take medicine, appointments or understanding the doctors treatment plans
  • Recently been released from incarceration, placement, detention, or psychiatric hospitalization
  • Need help with activities of daily living such as bathing, preparing meals, getting to and from appointment

QCCP is always looking for great partnerships.

QCCP Governing / Owning Partners

QCCP has a unique governing structure and is owned by hospital partners, a Federally Qualified Health Center partner
and a conglomerate of former COBRA providers.