Who Qualifies for Health Home Services?

Individuals who:

  • Have Medicaid
    Have either Two Chronic Conditions OR
  • a Single Qualifying Condition
    i.e. HIV/AIDS or Serious Mental Illness AND
    The Patient Meets Appropriateness Criteria

What is the appropriateness criteria?

  • Patients who are likely to be Hospitalized or in Medical Crisis or have an Adverse Event like:

Death, Disability, Inpatient or Nursing Home Admission, Mandated Preventive Services, or Out of Home Placement

  • Need more Social Support and/or may not have enough Family Support to Manage their Disease(s) and Reach their Goals
  • Are not Currently Set up with the Services they need such as a Regular Doctor, Housing Provider, Legal Assistance, Food Stamps etc.
  • Are having Problems Remembering to take Medicine, Appointments or Understanding the Doctors Treatment Plans
  • Recently been Released from Incarceration, Placement, Detention, or Psychiatric Hospitalization
  • Need help with Activities of Daily Living such as Bathing, Preparing Meals, getting to and from Appointment(s)

QCCP is always looking for great partnerships.

QCCP Governing / Owning Partners

QCCP has a Unique Governing Structure and is Owned by Hospital Partners, a Federally Qualified Health Center Partner
and a Conglomerate of Former COBRA Providers.