What is a Health Home?

Health Homes are a Medicaid Program designated by the New York State Department of Health. Health Homes make referrals to Care Management Agencies who provide direct care coordination services to clients. A Case Manager is assigned to patients and help patients become healthier.

A Case Manager:

  • Can make Home Visits, Attend Doctor’s Appointments with Patients and Provide Appointment Reminders
  • Make sure Patients are Connected to the Medical and Social Services Needed to Stay Healthy
  • Assist with Housing, Medicaid and SNAP (Food Stamp) Applications
  • Help Patients Avoid the Emergency Room when there is a Faster, Better way for them to Receive Care
  • Facilitate Communication between Doctors, Insurance Providers and all Professionals Working with a Patient
  • Help Patients Develop Goals and to Work towards a Better Quality of Life

Health Homes Provide Support to Care Managements Agencies and make sure there is High-Quality Care Provided to Patients by:

  • Acting as Bridge for Communication between Care Management Agency and the Department of Health or Managed Care Organizations
  • Advocating on Behalf of the Care Management Agencies to Ascertain Policy Changes Align with Patient Needs
  • Offering Training Opportunities and Providing over 900 Training Instances in 2017
  • Providing Quality Management through Audits and Site Visits
  • Facilitating Data Sharing between CMA’s and MCO’s
  • Providing Billing and IT Infrastructure

QCCP is always looking for great partnerships.

QCCP Governing / Owning Partners

QCCP has a Unique Governing Structure and is Owned by Hospital Partners, a Federally Qualified Health Center Partner
and a Conglomerate of Former COBRA Providers.