How can QCCP help physicians provide better care?

  • Connecting clients to care and referrals
  • Helping clients retain or stay in care and provide appointment reminders
  • Helping stabalize the client after a crisis or hospitalization
  • Addressing social determinants of health that effect their ability to participate in care
  • Share a patient centered care plan with you that includes patients goals, and interventions and tasks the patients have adhered to
  • Share information collected in a comprehensive assessment that will help drive your care

Request a Health Home 101 Training for your staff or patients:
QCCP staff provides education to Primary Care Providers, Behavioral Health Providers, Churches, Shelters and Community Based Organizations. If you are interested in having QCCP present host a lunch and learn at no cost to you please contact us.

How can Case Managers help with your patients?

  • Case manager often have up to date information about “gaps in care” or/and Managed Care Organization (MCO) alerts regarding recent hospitalizations
  • Case managers also have the capability to receive and respond to RHIO and/or MCO hospitalization alerts
  • Case managers can assist in discharge planning and coordinating an appropriate e follow up appointment with your office
  • Case Managers can provide ongoing reinforcement regarding medication regimens, attendance to specialty referrals
  • Case Managers can often connect clients to care related to the social determinants of health (providers are often not able to address in a 15 minute visit). For example, referrals can be made to housing providers, job readiness programs, GED or educational programs, home care services, or legal aid services

If I refer a patient does their insurance, payment rate or my ability to continue providing care be affected
The program will not affect insurance eligibility, current providers or how much a provider will get paid. However, in some cases a Provider will see increased payments due to an improvement in HEDIS measure compliance.

QCCP is always looking for great partnerships.

QCCP Governing / Owning Partners

QCCP has a unique governing structure and is owned by hospital partners, a Federally Qualified Health Center partner
and a conglomerate of former COBRA providers.