Patient and Community Resources

Do You Need Help?

  • Getting a New Doctor
  • Getting Linked to Resources in the Community like: a Drug Treatment Program, Help Connecting with a Housing Provider, Finding a Job, or Going to School
  • Remembering and Going to Doctors Appointment
  • Setting up Goals to become Healthier and have a Better Life
  • Talking to your Doctor
  • Applying for Benefits like: Social Security, Medicaid or SNAP

Do You?

  • Often Go to the Hospital or ED
  • Forget to take your Medicine
  • Have a Hard Time taking care of Daily Tasks like Cooking, Cleaning, Bathing etc.
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1 800 391 3139
1 800 391 3139

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QCCP Governing / Owning Partners

QCCP has a Unique Governing Structure and is Owned by Hospital Partners, a Federally Qualified Health Center Partner
and a Conglomerate of Former COBRA Providers.